Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ronald McDonald Dead at 69! Oh No!

In a shocking press release issued today from the Ronald McDonald Hospital in San Diego, California, Stated that  Rondald McDonald has passed away.


He was pronounced dead at 11:07 a.m. McMountain time. Dr. B. Mac told reporters, “I’ve honestly never seen arteries clogged this badly before. I don’t know how he lived this long.”

Ronald McDonald was survived by his wife Mrs. McTasty and their three children the fry kids.

In recent years, his friends Hamburgler, Mayor McCheese and others have been trying to get him to eat healthier. Serving him side salads and apple dippers. It’s clear now that Ronald didn’t follow their advice.

Jarred, from Subway was quoted saying, “I tried to tell him.”

The (self proclaimed) “King”, was also quoted saying, “he was a worthy franchise giant, but it looks like there will never be any doubt who the real burger king will be.” The King was also seen passing out whoppers to all the saddened children at the Ronald McDonald Hospital.

Ronald had also become very angry and had even been seen lashing out towards children.  Just last month he was seen passing out “Ronald Mcdonalds” buttons with, less than appropriate messages.

A nurse who had been near his bed when he passed, told reporters, “he grabbed my hand, and I watched a single tear roll down his cheek.” She later went on to say his last words were, “Tell them I am sorry…” Just like that he was gone.

His funeral will be held at the McMid-Town Cemetary near his home town of Playland at 3 p.m. McMountain time.

He was 69 years old.

Gaga Fan Attempts her OWN Meat Dress at Concert. LMFAO!

Turns out she was "born this way."
And by "this way," I mean lacking all sense of public decency.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lord Voldemort Invades Twitter

If you're love to TWEET like the next person you will appriciate this Twitter news. Lord Voldemort has officially invaded the web site. With his clever banter and outrageously funny comments, it's no wonder the Harry Potter nemesis is far more popular than the story's hero himself with over a million followers already, wow!

Follow Lord Voldemort on TWITTER!

.... but be fair warned... his posts may be somewhat mind pulling, in this case...give it to me baby! :P

Friday, May 6, 2011

One Person Town

Elsie Eiler walks past an abandoned building that was once a general store in Monowi, Nebraska April 28, 2011. At its peak in the 1930's the town had 150 residents but after the railroad left it began to decline. Now down to a population of just one, Monowi is the only incorporated town, village or city in the United States with just a single resident.

The general store closed when World War Two started and the owner moved out of town to serve on the draft board. Picture taken April 28, 2011.

"Judas is EVIL!!!"

lol I love it; it so makes my day to watch people religiously freak out and have a mental attack over what other people do or listen to and watch. lmfao there's other important things to be crying about, seriously! How do I always find the classic videos? lmfao yes I'm good like that. And here ya goooooooo.......

Stupidest video quotes:

"I really hope the Pastor touches you."
(The way she says it is just way too creepy!)

"I really hope you guys do away with lady gaga. Lady gay gay cause she's a homosexual who is not getting into heaven. I'm gonna pray for all of you even though I, I don't...I think you're beyond hope."
(Yea and you know God personally? Or have we forgotten man wrote the Bible and over half of it isn't even out there for public viewing due to "speculations" that it accepts most ancient beliefs thought to once have been far outlawed. Did you know the ancient Roman's as with many other cultures openly supported gay sex? Yea, it wasn't even a question, and that was AFTER jesus!)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Judas unleashed on the world

Lady Gaga's video for her second Born This Way single "Judas" leaked this morning, a few hours before its official debuts on E! (saucy uncensored version) and American Idol (chaste tween version). Since there isn't anything truly sexy, blasphemous, or gory in the five-and-a-half minute clip, we're going to have to assume it's the latter cut -- so far, this ain't the scandal Gaga was chasing. 

True to its name, "Judas" is a play on religious love and betrayal recast as West Side Story meets The Wild Ones meets The Passion of the Christ. Gaga is a biker babe riding with a Latino Jesus sporting a golden crown of thorns. She's a Victorian Joker in fantastic eyeliner and glamazon nails. And, for a brief second, she's flogged like Jesus, herself. (Come on, you saw that coming, right?) The Biblical imagery arrives in flashes -- members of a biker gang are named after the apostles; Gaga dons a blue veil like Mary (Magdalene or the Blessed, who knows?); she washes Jesus' feet; Judas, who's played by actor Norman Reedus, kisses Jesus.


Though she's obviously playing with central tropes of Christianity, Gaga claims the video is not meant to be interpreted as "a religious statement." "I view it as social statement. I view it as a cultural statement," she told E!. Gaga codirected the clip with her frequent collaborator and dance guru Laurieann Gibson. 

The overall aesthetic is broody and dark, befitting the track's disco-grime vibe, but the backdrops look more like summer stock sets than the results of a $10 million budget. (Where did the money go? Was there a $3 million line item for leather?) The choreography on the chorus is suspiciously arm-heavy, like the Haus of Gaga has been watching recent Britney Spears videos, but Gaga gives a strong, determined performance overall. When you compare "Judas" to some of the star's other epic videos though, "Judas" doesn't compare. Even on the religious-outrage scale, "Judas" is a lightweight considering Gaga swallowed a rosary in her clip for "Alejandro."

• Best Gag: Gaga drags a gun with lipstick jammed in its barrel across a terrified Judas' face.

• Best Use of Obvious Imagery: Gaga drowning in a sea of confusion (a.k.a. a giant wave).

• Most Potentially Offensive Moment: What we'll refer to as "an unusual baptism."

We anxiously await the chance to be shocked and appalled by the uncensored clip when it premieres later tonight -- stay tuned!


Video Sting Time! TV Blooper!

I rarely ever pass up an opportunity to "put my finger on" a good video and share it with the world. Here again for your funny bone pleasure is another VIDEO STING!

Oh yes, oh yes they did NOT edit the footage! LOL Classic TV blooper.

Live animals are being sold as keyrings in China

"This may be one of the most cruel facts we’ve ever published. Chinese sidewalk vendors have recently begun selling animals sealed inside airtight packaging as keyring accessories! Anyone heartless enough to purchase one of these trinkets has the option of abusing a tiny Brazil turtle or two small kingfish, each trapped inside a plastic pouch with some colored water. One salesman claimed that the creatures could live as long as several months because the water contains “nutrients” - a claim that is unlikely at best.

Even if this were true, it doesn’t excuse the fact that the creatures have no space to move around in, very little air, and are likely to be smashed in someone’s pocket. The worst part is that this practice is completely legal! Chinese law prohibits the sale of wild animals, but apparently the legislation does not apply to selling turtles and fish in such inhumane fashion."

Nadya Suleman Photo

The most disturbing picture I think I've seen all damn year. Unless you can convince me otherwise. haha!

If Nadya Suleman has more kids Hell will certainly freeze over. But come on! A pregnant nun gives birth to beastly demon devil babies? I can't imagine how many people that must have pissed off. haha I love controversy!

Oh no Gaga, not again!

I love Lady Gaga music a lot but I will never understand why she makes herself look so ugly all the time. You CANT always rely on a glue gun. This dress would look great if she's just lose the John Lennon glasses and the shoulder pads. lol!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The Death of Osama

Osama Bin laden is officially declared dead by the U.S. Government. I decided early on not to draw upon my own opinion. I wanted to test the waters and observe the opinions of others first. I've heard many to say the least. Twitter is exploding and nearly every friend of mine on Facebook had something to say not one hour after receiving the news. I had my own reaction as well however I only briefly expressed how I felt in Twitter. After numerous post deletions I just kept on watching and waiting. I read someone say and I paraphrase, "How can yawl hate Osama, what was so bad about him? You bombed Hiroshima and killed thousands of innocent people!" Another person stated that we are a country full of hated and I heard countless comments paraphrasing on "F*ck Bin Laden! Rot in Hell bastard! I'm happy he's dead. I'm proud to be an American!"

The hatred spread by the anti-hateful, the ego-mania spread by the internet tough's limitless.

Just last night it was all over the news that we would be for certain viewing publicly the "death photo of Bin Laden". Thankfully I awoke this morning to the pretty truth that I would not have to look at it and he can stay buried at sea where they left him. Why was he buried at sea? Oh yes I forgot, he still gets to maintain his "traditions" after all the people's lives and countless traditions he took away. But we bombed Hiroshima. Let us as ourselves why acts of violence are made. I don't personally condone acts of violence nor war, however if you put yourselves in their's all about who attacks first and protection of country. So I'm just going to speak like I'm all about it.  But I'm not really ;)

No one just puts their tail between their legs. Well actually, maybe I could name a few but let's not make ourselves out to be "high and mighty Americans." Look people, so the victims of 9/11 want to see a little justice, I think after 10 years you could grant them that without all the complaint. I think if they have hate in their hearts they can now breath a sigh of relief. Sure they might be blinded by the fact that this might just cause more war between the Afghans and the United States, but people are allowed to feel something when the killer of their loved one(s) is finally brought to justice no matter what terms. It's not a celebration of his death, it's a celebration of the beginning of the destruction of a terrorist cell. Who knows, maybe we could finally get some fucking peace around here....I hope!

Friday, April 29, 2011

"Larry & Steve", the 1st Family Guy!

"Family Guy started as a cartoon called “Larry & Steve”. It was a lot different back then."

"You’ll notice that the two titular characters, Larry and his dog Steve, sound just like Peter Griffin and Brian. Of course, that’s because the creator of both cartoons, Seth McFarlane, is also the voice actor for all four of these characters. This animated short premiered on Cartoon Network back in 1997, but it was actually based on a project called The Life of Larry, which was actually McFarlane’s thesis at the Rhode Island School of Design. After seeing this short film, executives at Fox contracted him to make Family Guy."

MY THOUGHTS: Wow time is going by so


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tough day on the job

"Captain? We're gonna need a bigger hose."

SOURCE (Tosh.o)

Nick Cannon Gives out Mariah Carey's # on Air?

SO TRUE: "In an effort to stay in touch with his morning radio show listeners while he's on paternity leave, Nick Cannon gives out his real home number on the air. Looks like Mr. Mariah Carey might be in the dog house for this one!" -OMG NEWS

My Thoughts: What an idiot! Does he even realize how much effort it takes these celebs to keep their private lives private? One "lucky" (or shall we say "obsessed") fan even dialed the number getting the chance to actually speak with her. Which is cool and all that she got to meet her idol, but come on...that's going just a tad bit too far. If you wanna meet mariah get a back stage pass. And as for Nick....her husband, let's just try to grow a little bit bigger of a brain next time and not make the same mistake. I'm sure your wife had to change her number over this. STUPID CELEBRITY DECISIONS MAKE ME LAUGH!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Guy Does Unbelievable 'Matrix' Dance

A dancer on the David Hasselhoff-judged "Britain's Got Talent" blew audiences away this weekend with a "dance" that was basically all of the parts of "The Matrix" that had to be done by a computer because a human being can't be expected to bend that way. But this guy did it, with his body!

This video, which got over 100,000 views in just less than 24 hours over the Easter weekend, shows Romanian-born "Matrix Man" Razy Gogonea dancing in slow and fast motion, "stopping" time, bouncing himself in the air from a completely horizontal position (leading the backstage commentators to completely freak out), and, especially, bending his legs and torso to dodge "bullets" in a way that appears impossible.

Just more evidence that Britain really does have more talent.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Elton John And David Furnish Confirm Lady Gaga As Godmother

This week Sir Elton John, 64, and husband David Furnish, 48, confirmed that superstar Lady Gaga is the godmother of their 4-month-old son, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John..

"During a "20/20" interview that aired Friday, host Barbara Walters asked the couple about their decision to select the controversial "Judas" singer for the special honor..

"A lot of people said, 'Oh, that's crazy,'" Elton revealed. "And they don't know her, and we do.".

In the video below, Elton and David discuss Lady Gaga at the 2:14 mark:

Elton suggested that the public not judge the singer born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta by her stage persona alone. "When you get to the real person underneath, there's a simple girl who loves her parents," he said..

Elton And David Open Up On Fatherhood

David anticipates Lady Gaga helping navigate Zachary's future interest in music. "Zachary's going to inherit an incredible musical legacy from his father one day, and she will be a good person to guide him through the ins and outs of the music business, 'cause she sure knows everything about the business now," he said..

Clearly, Lady Gaga is not the only celebrity ever picked to oversee the physical and spiritual well being of a child in the event the parents are no longer able to do so. The following is a list, compiled by Parade magazine, of other famous godparents. Elton reportedly has several godchildren himself, among them, Brooklyn and Romeo, the sons of Victoria and David Beckham. U2 frontman Bono is the godfather to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's twins, Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon. Sting and wife Trudie Styler accepted the honor to be godparents to Madonna and Guy Ritchie's son, Rocco. The late Michael Jackson was the godfather of Lionel Richie's famous daughter Nicole..

Aside from Gaga's good news this week, she also experienced backlashes when her manager denied Weird Al's initial requests to make a parody of "Born This Way" and when she responded in an angry rant to NME when the magazine compared "Born This Way" to Madonna's "Express Yourself." But there were more shocking news stories this week. Judges in the manslaughter hearing of Michael Jackson physician Conrad Murrary will allow autopsy photos of the king of pop to be used in court. Leann Rimes wed actor Eddie Cibrian, and Rihanna tied a chart record with the Supremes"

Friday, April 22, 2011

The tornado took my hamburger!

Oh no!!! The poor hamburger & fries!

I laughed so hard I FLIPPED!

Here's your OMG video of the day strait from the Stinger!

Song: Can't Tell Me Nothing by Kanye West
Video: Zach Galifianakis and Will Oldham

Zach Galifianakis has been in movies like 'The Hangover' and recently 'Due Date' with Robert Downy Jr. If you can't fully pronounce his last name, well niether could I at first. It took a few tries before I got it just right. But for those who are having a hard time, I'll separate it out for you: (GAL-I-FI-NA-KISS). Most celebrities choose to change their names due to their pronunciation or because they just don't "sound celebrity enough." But not good ole Zack. He's great just the way he is! Watch this hilarious video of Zack lip synching to Kanye West's "Can't tell me nothing." Featuring friend Will Oldham. You will laugh to tears! Can we say dancing swedish girls & rap beats with tractors and wheat fields? Oh yes baby I said it!

BUZZ! You've been STUNG!

The Celebrity Slap on the Wrist...AGAIN!

"A judge on Friday reduced Lindsay Lohan's grand theft case down to a misdemeanor after prosecutors laid out their case against the actress over a $2,500 necklace reported stolen from a jewelry store.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner refused to dismiss the case against Lohan, but said she often sees more serious cases that get reduced to lesser charges. The misdemeanor has a potential penalty of a year in jail if convicted.

"I see the intent here," Sautner said. "I see a level of brazenness with 'Let me see what I can get away with here.'"

Sautner ruled that prosecutors had shown that Lohan violated her probation, but also said in reducing the charge that she was going to give the actress "an opportunity."

Lohan entered a not guilty plea Friday and will be back in court on May 11 for a pretrial hearing."

-Associated Press

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ruby Slippers on EBAY?

OMG! I can't take the awesome of insanity that is the Ruby Slippers I just found on EBAY. If you know me at all, you know I love many beautiful things...Tori Amos music, colorful lollipops, pinecones, kitties and of course...THE WIZARD OF OZ! It's been a small obsession of mine since I was a wee lass of only 7 years old. That was the first time I watched The Wizard of Oz. After seeing it I was literally hooked. I had the Dorothy complex running through my young veins. I may not be a huge collector, but I do have a few mini dolls, a metal poster on my wall, scrapbook embellishments and the collectors edition on DVD.

When I was a little girl I would draw pictures of the Emerald City and post it to my wall with tape, then take my Mother's golden Christmas garland and string it through the entire apartment pretending I was making the yellow brick road. Then I would skip along the gold garland until I reached the Emerald City. I can't tell you how many pairs of shoes I ruined gluing red sequence to them lol. Then today I got uber curious and went to EBAY and typed in the words "Ruby Slippers". Guess what I found girls and guys? A REALLY AWESOME Stiletto version of the Ruby Slippers. For $124.99 you can own your very own pair of these custom made beauties. I'm thinking this would be the perfect gift for birthday or Christmas. Or fuck it, just to buy out of the blue in an attempt to re-live my childhood. I am DROOLING over these shoes because they come in size 10 with a wide width which is perfect for those with bigger and more wider feet. So much sparkle and wonder! The world's most famous shoe could very well be in my grasp very soon! AHHH! Insanity of awesomeness!

"Leave MACHO DUDES ALOOOONE!" haha no don't do that!

Remember the "Leave Britney Alone" girl Chris Crocker?

Well have a look at this next piece strait from the GAL herself. I must say, Chris crocker does crack me up just a tad bit. Okay Okay I admit she cracks me up BIG TIME! I looooooooooove her! I don't even know why I like this person but I just do. HAHA! So must zest for life. Life is fascinateing and I'm just your every day average observer LMFAO! Chris is THA BOMB-DIGITY DIVA! Watch it watch it watch it!

Don't forget to check our her youtube channel!!

Lady Gaga Turns "Poker Face" Performance Into a Near Face-Plant

Another show, another tumble on stage.

But before I share the "TRIPPY" article with you. Watch this video closely and riddle me one does Lady Gaga take such an onstage tumble without skipping a beat in her voice while singing "Poker Face"? The answer? Good ole fashion downright LIP SYNCING!

How sad that artists are so pressured now days that they feel they don't NEED to sing their own songs at a live show. Tori Amos once said in an interview that she feels something is missing when "these artists, you know, you go to their shows and a lot of them aren't even singing their own songs." I have to agree with the Goddess of the piano...she has a point. Too much dancingf around is no excuse. If it's going to force you into a decision to lip sync, than do LESS DANCING! Or you could be on the other side of the card, those who feel lip syncing is just part of the performance and that going to concerts is about the eye candy, not the music itself. Either way, you will force yourself into another opinion thanks to Gaga! But don't worry Gaga, I still love you girl!

"Just one week after Lady Gaga met a less-than-cooperative piano bench during her performance in Houston, she gave new meaning to the term wardrobe malfunction while entertaining her fans in Atlanta on Monday.

While belting out her hit "Poker Face," the singer nearly face-planted after slipping on an article of clothing that she had just taken off and thrown down onto the stage. But, much like her last fall, she carried on as if it was all part of the routine.

Maybe next time she should just keep her top on. Yeah right."

MY THOUGHTS:  Well you gotta admire someone who falls and gets right back up again like nothing happened and continues on with the show. That shows true SPIRIT!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Like It's Quidditch!!!!

For all you HARRY POTTER fans!

Act like a cat, maybe he'll give us treats.

Meow, Meow!

And a hardy har har to that cat!

Bill O'Reilly FLIPS OUT!!!!!!!!

Oh my holy fucking Christ if there ever was a God, he created the funniest youtube video I have ever seen! I'm not a big fan of Bill O'Reilly, but I must say...I'm  HUGE fan of seeing Bill O'Reilly get owned big time on live TV! LMFAO!

This will teach you to be nice!

So you wanna be a dick in the parking lot? Think again bitch!

Geek Chic? Oh come Olsen Twins!

The Olsen twins have just released the UGLIEST thing to happen to fashion since the lady Gaga arm inplants. However the "OMG!" web site is whoring these horrible glasses out like they're the next best thing since Pepsi Max. Why push bad fashion to it's limits? I like geeky glasses like the next person, but these are the most horrible looking geek chic glasses I have ever seen. I wasn't surprised really, the Olsen twins are notorious for their bad fashion taste. Look at their latest "trend"...need I say more? Read this "OMG!" article below and feast your eyes on the blasphemy these idiots call Fashion.


"Behold these statement specs from twin moguls Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: yay or nay? The teeny-tiny fashionistas are introducing a line of glasses to their Elizabeth and James label, and the black frames pictured here are polarizingly hip (much like the Olsens' style). Love 'em or loathe 'em, you know hipster princesses with bad eyesight and money to burn will devour the designs like scary ladies going haywire for Oprah's "Favorite Things."

According to, the geeky-cool glasses will come in 13 styles, and retail from $155 (for a handmate acetate frame) to $265 (for a stainless steel model); they are named after streets in New York and L.A., like Chrystie and Folsom (see above).

"The design aesthetic in the optical collection is a true reflection of Elizabeth and James' essence," says Ashley. "A classic feel with a modern sensibility."

If you love the Olsen twins, and the '90s coffeehouse Lisa Loeb look, and your name is Kate Bosworth or Alexa Chung, then look out for these frames to hit stores sometime in June."

MY FINAL THOUGHT: If there is a God, please don't let this catastrophy hit the store shelves anytime soon. For 5 bucks I can get really cool sunglasses at the dollar hut. Why would I spend close to 300 dollars on shit?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


'Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia' is the fear of long words.
LMFAO hardcore!

Dead Alien in Russia

A secret video of the Russian government leaked on the Internet in which shows the remains of an alien.

Last month A UFO crash was sighted in the Irkutsk region of Siberia, hundreds of villagers saw a huge object, glowing pink and blue, hurtle towards Earth before loudly impacting the ground in a wooded area.

A large team of scientists, military and secret service were on-site at the crash site to study the incident according to Russian media.

Despite all measures taken by the Russian authorities, the movie still leaked showing an alien ‘corpse’ in the snow.

The interesting footage shows with certain clarity the details of the ‘creature’ including bruising and blood veins beneath the skin.

The creature is estimated to be approximately 3 to 4 feet in height and is thought to be a female entity.
Earlier this month, the FBI put all sorts of secret documents about alien life on the Internet.

Cleverbot, cause the real thang just isn't fun any longer lol

Have you seen this remarkable new chat? It's called Cleverbot. It's an online chat bot.

Why waste your time waiting for friends to reply back to you in real chat? Most of them don't have half the humor you will get out of the fake thing. Plus you can insult the hell out of Cleverbot and not feel an emotional attachment whatsoever, yippee! So DO IT! Chat with Cleverbot and you may be surprised how addicting it can become. Why just LOOK at the informative and mind boggling conversation I just had 5 minutes ago with Cleverbot. All I can say is,'s got some major self-esteem issues for an android, but what the fuck right? I don't have to care! YAY! HAHA! do that Cleverbot, you do that *wink*

Lil Wayne Wannabe?

So I was asked by someone on Twitter who goes by the name of CEOkcVegas to leave a comment about his and his friend "Lil Chuckee's" youtube video "Money Kisses." or perhaps he wanted me to comment on youtube itself who knows lol and who cares really. I did watch his video and felt uber pissed that I wasn't invited to the Lil Wayne look-a-like video contest. Oh well! Be careful what you ask from The STING... cause you very well might get stung by my bad review.

I'll give the guys credit, for amateurs, their video quality wasn't bad at all. But it may all have been nothing but a waste of money. It was repeatative and very BRIGHT. I almost felt blinded by all the whiteness. (If u just had a racist though cross ur head, do me a favor and slap urself right now, thanks.)

They're style and rap ability are no different than you're average gang banger trying to make it big and sell a bunch of useless crap to people. I'm still waiting to get a response back from these guys asking me to plug their new rapper cologne or ugly pair of gangsta sneakers. lmfao! Can we get any less original YO? You can't even distinguish between these two guy's voices. Or their hair styles which are oddly just a plagiarized living breathing version of Lil Wayne the REAL rap star. Not to mention, does every up and coming rapper have to have "Lil" in their name somewhere? I thought you were were supposed to be big manly men with tough skin cause you come from DA HOOD? But you're making yourselves sound ignorant and small. There's only so much "I got hoes in different area codes" I can take. Only so much talk about money that you don't even have that I can handle. Rap about something different, be productive, learn to be an artist. I'm not the biggest fan of Lil Wayne either, but the one thing I do respect out of the actual Lil Wayne is that he doesn't just rap about the same shit constantly. His songs take on a whole new perspective and he's creative at times. Sure most of what he raps about I could give a shit less about but there's been some stuff that was alright. There's nothing wrong with having a few bitches& money songs to rap about, but switch it up a bit, try a different flavor. You might be able to make a REAL name and real money for yourself. But hey, bad publicity is better than no publicity right? So this one's for you "Lil Chuckee"...cause criticism is golden...unlike your song.

a little somethin somethin...

People with foot fetishes don't like to get off on the wrong foot.

Lady Liberty Re-Born!

This photo of Lady Gaga is probably one of the MOST powerful live action shots I have ever seen from an artist. Pictures speak way louder than any words I could express. Gaga is raising Lady Liberty from the dead of historical traditions, and re-birthing her into a NEW America.

Tenacious D NEW Album NEWS!!

...I came just a little when I read this... :P

Four years have passed since Tenacious D released The Pick of Destiny, but a new album from the D-ynamic Duo should be released by the end of the year.

Jack Black and Kyle Gass will be returning to familiar subject matter on the new record. “We’re gonna be talking about love, there are gonna be some songs about sex and there’s gonna be songs about food,” Black recently told Spinner Magazine.

At the moment, The Greatest Band in the World’s new album is still untitled and lacks an official release date, but Black says that they are about halfway through the writing process. “We need another few months,” he said. “But you can look for it at the end of 2011.”

Black added that another feature film adventure starring The D might not be out of the question either. “This is strictly a musical endeavor, but I would not rule out another film,” he said. “Although it would probably be on the lower-budge.”


Chris Brown comes out on TWITTER for the 1st time!

Chris Brown came out today officially on Twitter.

LIKE...OMG! We've been waiting for this for so long. "When is Chris just going to come out and admit it?" one fan stated on Facebook. "We all know he's hiding his BIG secret, come on man just come clean. We're not going to judge!" said another facebook fan of Chris. The fact that Chris Brown has yet to come out of the closet has been huge controversy for over 10 whole minutes now. However, patience is a virtue and today Chris FINALLY came out and admitted what he's been keeping so secret for so many minutes, nearly 12 minutes now...and I quote...

Being a closeted alien believer is nothing to feel ashamed of Chris, we knew you could get it off your chest and begin to live your new whole life finally. ALIEN PRIDE!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Granny dances to Lady Gaga!

Granny gets down at Wal-Mart. Today must be Wal-mart day or something because I'm hooked!

GO GRANNY GO! JUST DANCE, Gonna be ok, da da do, just dance spin that record babe!

WTF is wrong with people?

An insult to drag queens everywhere!

Oh for heaven's sake. I love me the gays trust me, but this guy is so NOT gay or bi or drag (if thats what he thinks this is) or representing shit, he's just an insult to the wonderful drag queens and kings out there. lmfao but it's pretty funny to watch. What the fuck was he thinking? Yo!

Mr. Eggplant! Oh Come on now!

Dude...AMERICA! Has it really come to this??? 

"Eggplants love tuna. It’s why they grow so much. That’s a fact." (People of Wal-Mart) lmfao all I can say is.......woooooooow! Some people just give the fuck up! lol!

Kesha, We R Who We R WAL-MART Parody. HAHA!

Yeah.... why are people so obsessed with WAL-MART?
Although I must admit, "People of Wal-Mart" is a hilarious site. if you haven't seen it...ur sorely missing out big time.

Jupiter the Talking Cat :P

Whens this supposed to kick in huh?

"It's so simple...."

Born This Way, Part Duex??

Lady Gaga catapulted her name into the lime light nearly 3 years ago with her debut album "The Fame". Followed just a year later with her next album "The Fame Monster"; a part 2 extension as gaga calls it, to her first album. Her songs have proven to be more than catchy as she is said by some fans to be "the queen of the electronic music scene." Owning that title with integrity and humble honor. The latest single from Lady Gaga's up-coming album "Born This Way" named the same as the new album itself is equally if not BETTER than ever. Who would argue with that? However with one small detail released on April 16th, 2011, many very hardcore Gaga fans are shaking their heads asking Gaga "What were you thinking?" Okay so we've accepted everything from the cryogenic egg capsule live at the 2011 Grammy's, to the meat outfit she wore to the VMA's, and I think we've been very nice mentally dissecting her "art" up until now. However, there is a significant difference between her musical art and her wardrobe art. Personally, I love most of it and find it to be like looking at a living breathing Yoko Ono avante garde piece, representing not only her mind, body and soul...but her taste for "fashion". The two combined into one speak volumes and leave you scratching your head with wonder.

So what's the downfall you may ask? Why all the "BUZZ"? The buzz out this week is the release of the new cover for "Born This Way". Whether you love it or you hate it, you will eventually force yourself to come to a conclusive opinion about the album cover which features Gaga as part "I don't give a fuck" evil bitch and part motorcycle with a fake mole on her cheek to boot. The title font is less than appealing and more like something out of an underground rap ghetto CD. The most beloved Gaga fans are not embracing this CD cover and rightfully so, it looks cheap. The day AFTER the release of the new image, Gaga released a "Version 2" of the CD album cover featuring just the up-close cropped face of the previous album cover with the motorcycle. "Version 2 is much better than the first, the title and the font is more modern and more HER! I didn't like the first version, her name wasn't on the cover and it just looked like a cheap Photoshop version," one Gaga fan from Facebook responded. Is there a reason for the second version being released just the day after? Many artists release sneak peeks of their albums in an attempt now days to gain the acceptance and opinions of other fans. This is also the reason most artists now days release just one song before their album release months ahead of schedule.

If you don't think Lady Gaga wasn't reading her Facebook comments, think again little monsters! What artist wouldn't want to create something more appealing for their fans if not at least offer another version so as not to lose revenue. Musicians are offering up multi-versions of albums left and right, such as Taylor Swift and Michael Jackson RIP) The music industry is a multi billion dollar a year industry, these artists (who are let's face it, just people like you and me) have quotas, they have demands and teams of people backing them. What other choice did gaga have and what amount of time did she have to make such a second version to satisfy her disappointed fan base? Time allowed Gaga one single day to create a second version which is basically just a cropped version of the first with a different block like font to the upper left of the cover. Something I could have done in 5 minutes. It looks like gaga panicked and called her graphic designer and said "OMG my fans are blowing a lid, do what you can real fast so I can give them another option, I must sell this CD." The second version although great is obviously rushed. Perhaps more thought could have gone into this cover, but as my wonderful husband stated two days ago to me..."I know I don't like Lady Gaga but the one thing I admire about her is that she just doesn't give a fuck." So this plays with my head just a bit....perhaps that is why Lady Gaga had an 'I don't give a fuck' look on her face on the album. Only time will tell! What is your final say? Did Gaga purposely release a cheap version to mess with our heads and tell us she doesn't give a fuck? Or was this a legit mistake on her part?
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Go make me a sandwich!

Oh yes, oh yes....of fucking yes!

I LOVE stupid Yahoo Answers, where people pretend to be doctors, therapists and Experts of all kinds, it's priceless! Kinda like me calling myself a leisure technician and saying it's a real job. LOL!

World's LARGEST Gummy Worm

m m m... YOM YOM YOM! I'd eat this for days! World's largest gummy worm goes viral and is a mega hit with over 2 million views on youtube already. SO hilarious!

I can just imagine what people will be doing in their bedrooms with this tastey treat. um ew!
Let's not spoil this one shall we?

Oh Harry, lighten up!

The joys of Facebook! I never get bored! haha!

When life hands you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry wall

Because, who could be scared of a Jeffrey? HAHA!

Brangelina Secret Wedding???

GOSSIP COP NEWS! "Every now and then Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt find themselves secretly married, thanks to enterprising (and imaginative) tabloid writers.

OK! magazine revives the rumor this week with a look at Jolie’s “wedding ring” and new tattoo, which both allegedly mean that she and Pitt “secretly tied the knot.”

The ring – which Jolie is wearing on her right hand, by the way – and the tattoo (thought to be the longitude and latitude of Pitt’s Oklahoma hometown) are enough for the magazine to announce that Brangelina has made it official.

“The obvious conclusion: The world’s most glamorous couple has finally made a lifelong commitment – and are secretly married,” declares OK!

Really? That’s the “obvious conclusion”? A gold band and a tattoo?

“A secret wedding is entirely in character for Brad and Angelina,” explains the article. “The unconventional couple is notoriously coy about major life events.” So if a couple doesn’t announce they’ve married, it must mean they’re married?

What kind of logic is this?

“The world awaits official word from the couple,” says OK!

Gossip Cop advises (us) that no one should hold his or her breath. Jolie and Pitt are not married."

Sherbert Happiness!

I'm eating a bowl of creamy sherbert ice cream and I'm happy to have it. It tasted very yummy and is giving me good feelings inside. I'm glad my husband decided to share because I really wanted some. But if had decided not to share it I would still be happy because I know how much he loves sherbet. Although he kinda should always share his ice cream LOL. It would be sorta selfish not to. lol He tends to "claim" this paticular flavor all for himself. But alas I decided to try it for myself tonight because well, I just felt like sherbet for a change and I like it. It's kinda like life in a way, being happy for someone else. You can claim you own the world, but you don't.

Just like this yummy bowl of sherbert ice cream. My husband didn't invent the flavor, but it is his favorite above all. I'm kinda the same way about lemon cake. Whenever I eat it I feel like in some small greedy dare anyone else ask me for a piece of my cake lol. I know it's rediculous and I should just be happy that someone else wants to try a piece of my delicious lemon cake because hey if it can make me happy, I'm sure it will make them happy. So fuck it, "Let em eat cake!" It's a HAPPY yummy delicious desert sharing world we live in!